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Deacon Tom Daw anticipates his third retirement

On the weekend of 3 November 2019, Fr. Trask announced that Bp. Nelson J. Perez (Bishop of the Diocese of Cleveland) granted Deacon Tom Daw permission to retire from his assignment as Deacon at Sacred Heart Catholic Church as of 1 June 2020; this is how he shared the news of Deacon Tom’s up-and-coming retirement:

Time and again you hear retirees saying: “I’m busier now than when I had a full-time job.” Well, for nearly 9 years we’ve been enjoying the busyness of one such retiree. He’s been an extremely active retiree who is again retiring – perhaps to become busier than he already is, although I’m not sure how that’d be possible.

The first time this man retired in 2001, he stayed in retirement a full 14-days before assuming a full-time position as business-manager – a full-time position he retained for 13 years. While serving as business-manager/auditor, he became an integral part of Sacred Heart in December of 2010.  And now: 18 years after retiring from AT&T, and five years since he retired from the Tribunal, he is now anticipating his 3rd retirement … but this time, he is not retiring so he can take on another job or assignment → apart from that of being husband, parent, and taxi-driving grandparent for his ever-more active family.

I speak of our own Deacon Tom. For the last 3 years he has actively contemplated retirement – but, nearly 2 years ago when Fr. Cole began speaking of also retiring, Deacon Tom put his plans for retirement on the back-burner (so to speak).

Recently Deacon Tom spoke with Bp. Perez, who gave him permission to retire from his diaconal assignment here at Sacred Heart on June 1st of 2020. We are announcing Deacon Tom’s retirement early in the hopes that, with sufficient notice, it will be possible to secure the assignment of another Permanent Deacon to Sacred Heart Parish.

Seven months from now, which will be here all-too-soon, Deacon Tom’s “retirement celebration” on May 31st will coincide with the 20th Anniversary of his Diaconal Ordination – the event which made it possible for him to have such a powerful influence upon each of us.