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Ministry Schedules

Lector, Extra-ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, and Server schedules may be found below.  Should they be out-of-date, please send an email to s to remind about updating that particular schedule.  THANKS


Lector & EMHC’s

July→August 2020

September→October 2020

Throughout the pandemic, a maximum of one (1) ExtraOrdinary Minister of Holy Communion will be used; when Deacon Tom is present, no EMHC’s will be utilized.

All Lectors, throughout the pandemic, will read from single-use pages → printed and used solely by a single lector.


For the duration of the time that masks are required at Mass, Fr. Trask has opted not to use servers – so as not to compromise the requisite social-distancing protocol of 6′.

Sometime in 2020