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Oremus pro invicem (Let us pray for one another)

At this time, when we cannot gather to pray together in faith – let us remain joined in prayer with, and for, each other.
This is a monitored prayer-blog.  You may submit your intention below and it will, after approval by a moderator, appear as part of the blog.
(FYI: the approval step is used to prevent spamming – and inappropriate content often associated with spammers)


    Please continue to keep in your prayers Francel Scott, who’s having seriously painful complications during her pregnancy. To deal with a recently-developing infection, the doctor will deliver Baby Olivia by C-section late this coming week. Two weeks after that, God willing, another doctor can take care of her additional problems. Thanks so much.

    Pray that God bless, guard and guide Leah Bratton, who is graduating from high school this month.

    I ask for prayers that God bless, guide and guard the seniors who are graduating from our parish: Emma and Grace James, Noelle, Nickholas, Vincenzo and Blaise Ignagni, Tyler Wakefield, and any other grad whose name I don’t know.

    Please pray for my neighbor’s son-in-law, Steve, who was sent home with a fever and cough. Thank you very much.

    Please pray for Henry Miiro. He has both typhoid and malaria. He lives in Uganda and is one of the kids I sponsored through his schooling (although he is an adult now)

    I received this note from a good friend: Our pregnant daughter-in-law Francel is having a tough time with this time around. She’s having very bad pains that turned out to be a kidney stone which would not move. She’s been hospitalized and was having contractions as well. (Baby not due until June 11.) They did a complicated procedure to put a shunt in. They will remove the stone when she goes to have the C section done. Anyway Francel is totally miserable. Please pray for her. Thank you.

    Please pray for Michael Rotsaert who is 6. He is hospitalized with high fever, rash, and pain which comes and goes. He has a medical team working to figure out what he has; COVID19 has been ruled out. Please pray also for his family as they weather this with him. Thank you.

    Please pray for my cousin, Maryrose, whose illness has progressed and has now requested only comfort care.

    UPDATE: Please now pray for the repose of the soul of Maryrose. May she Rest In Peace.

    Please pray for my cousin Mary, who’s having a tough time with Crohn’s disease. Thanks so much.

    Prayers of Thanksgiving for answered prayer intentions. Also, for The Lord Jesus always letting me know that He’s with me. Finally, for very” quick healing” for one of my daughter’s illness. I really appreciate it!

    I would like to offer a prayer of thanksgiving. God has graciously answered a long term prayer of mine. My heart is full of wonder at the power of prayer.

    Dear Friends,

    I am asking prayers for my friend Melody Wright. Her daughter Sarah has been diagnosed with Covid-19 and is struggling with its impact. Please pray for Sarah, Melody, and the entire family. Prayers are everything!

    In peace, Marla

    Please put my son-in-law, Ron, on the prayer chain.  My daughter Susan just left him at the ER.  Among other things, they’re going to do a chest X-ray to see if he has a fluid build-up.  They’ll also test him for the COVID virus, but the results won’t be known for 2 days.  He’s had many serious health problems over the years so he’s very susceptible to anything going around.
    Thank you.
    Carrol Wilhelm

    UPDATE: I wanted to let all our pray-ers know that my son-in-law’s COVID test came back early, and the results were negative. He has some other issues, but he’s feeling much better, and all of us are certainly grateful for that as well as for all the prayers.

    Please pray for my son-in-law, Ron Gatts. He suffers from many health problems, and now he’s in an ER with nausea, pain, possible fluid build-up, and, of course, possibly the corona virus. He’s very susceptible to anything going around. In 2 days we’ll know the results of the virus test. Thank you so much.

    Please pray for Don, who is suffering medical setbacks in the midst of a slow and arduous recovery … and who has been returned to the ICU unit. Pray also for all medical professionals who are working in the midst of this pandemic.

    UPDATE: After 80+ days in the hospital and rehab (each more than once), Don returned home on Friday, May 8th.

    Please pray for our whole world that Jesus will wash away the virus and heal everyone who is ill. May the Holy Spirit guide the hands of all the essential workers. Please Lord keep them all safe as they do your will.

    Please pray for my daughter Jennifer and granddaughter Michelle who are both Registered nurses and other family members in essential jobs

    Please pray for my friend, Colette Beaudroux and her husband John Andreas. She’s in serious condition in the hospital, suffering from COVID-19.

    I (Deacon Tom) have been trying to touch base with parishioners via telephone since COVID19 has eliminated the “face-to-face”. In these conversations parishioners have asked for prayers for the following people. Their specific need and their last names are irrelevant. But the fact that prayer has been requested should be enough that you and I will name them as we enter into prayer… Joseph, Mark, Kevin, Vincent, Rick, Rita, Jessie.

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