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A great blessing to our Parish Petition Book is that it allows a large number of people to keep your particular needs in prayer.  The Petition Book pages will be scanned and made available so that others, throughout the week – not just on Sunday – but throughout the week, may pray for your petitions. The intention is to scan the Petition Book pages on Mondays, and include them out as part of the Parish Prayer Chain (which is already quite active) as well as posting them here so that anyone (whether parishioner of Sacred Heart or someone half-way around the world) can retrieve them and lift up in prayer.


To help us visualize (so to speak) the various needs listed in the Petition Book as we gather for weekend Masses, we’ll be incorporating a bit more silence throughout the various weekend petitions. We may start by saying something like: For the sick, and for all those experiencing physical limitations and then there’ll be a pause wherein we can call to mind some of those needs about which we’ve read in the Petition Book – and then the petition will continue. These silences, which will be a part of most every petition, will allow us the opportunity to be cognizant of the needs about which we’ve read on this site, and over which we’ve prayed during the past week.


To download the current Petition Book (the most recent pages will be the first to appear in the PDF), please click on the Prayer Requests image below

prayer requests - we are here to pray for you

Parish Newsletters

In an effort to keep the parish community abreast of major happenings and events at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, a newsletter is published. For the benefit of those who might've missed an issue, or would like to peruse past issues, spend a few moments clicking and reminiscing through these past issues:

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Recent Bulletins

The editor of our weekly Church Bulletin is Christine Toth.

If you would like to submit an article for the bulletin please submit your article by the preceding Monday at 9:00 am. 

Email to your articles to   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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