Baptism Registration Form

If you desire to have a child baptized, please print this form, fill in the information, and contact Deacon Daw at 440-655-0647 or Fr. Trask at 440-774-6791.

General Information


Catholics Sponsors for Baptism or Confirmation 

Church law directs that a Catholic sponsor:                 

  • -Must be registered in a Catholic parish;
  • -Is 16 years of age or older;
  • -Attends Mass weekly and receives Holy Communion;
  • -If married, be so by a priest or deacon;
    • -Has received the sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation.

The Catholic sponsor must obtain a Sponsor Certificate from their parish and submit this to Sacred Heart Parish Office two weeks or more prior to the Baptism.

 Parishioners asked to be a Sponsor

If you are a member of Sacred Heart Parish and have been asked to be a Sponsor for Baptism or Confirmation, please review the requirements stated above.  If you are living according to the requirements, please call the parish office and arrange a time to stop by when Fr. Trask or Deacon Tom is available to provide you with your sponsor certificate.

Non-Catholic sponsors

The Church reserves the priviledge of involvement by a non-Catholic party to act as a Christian Witness in place of one of the Godparents.  This right is reserved for non-Catholic persons only.  A non-Catholic may act as a sponsor for Baptism, only when accompanied by a practicing Catholic sponsor who is fulfilling each of the requirements stated above.

If a person has ever been baptized Catholic, they may not act as a Christian Witness.  Rather, they must fulfill the requirements stated above for Catholic Sponsors.

If a non-Catholic is chosen to act in this capacity, he or she must be a baptized Christian.  In addition it is strongly recommended that he or she is:

  •    -An active, registered member of their Christian church;
  •    -One who attends worships services on a regular basis;
  •    -One who demonstrates his or her Christian values in the way they live.

  No Sponsor Certificate is required of the non-Catholic sponsor.

If you have questions regarding Baptism  or sponsors for Baptism or Confirmation, please call  Deacon Tom at 440-655-0647,  or contact the parish office and speak with Fr. Trask.


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