Anointing Mass

Each year around the feast of St. Luke (himself a physician, and the patron saint of physicians) we at Sacred Heart Church, celebrate the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick at Mass. The sacrament is available to anyone desiring physical, emotional, psychological and/or spiritual healing. This Sacrament was once referred to as the Last Rites (or Extreme Unction) and you needed one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel before you were eligible to receive the Sacrament. During the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, it was determined that the healing touch of Christ should be available to many people - not just the dying. Such as:

   • If you’re a caregiver and struggle with mental fatigue or emotional exhaustion, the Church would encourage you to participate in the Sacrament.

   • Ifyou’vebeendiagnosedwithahealthissue,it’s appropriate that you receive the Sacrament.

   • If arthritis, rheumatism, or a fading memory are part of your life experience, you may wish to receive the strength of the Sacrament.

Prayerfully reflect upon your life and, if you feel you’d like to share in this Sacrament, please plan to attend the 10:30 Mass Sunday, October 14th. (Please note: because the Sacrament will be shared during Mass, Mass may last a bit longer than usual.)

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