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Music Ministers

Traditionally, our Choir members sing at Saturday or Sunday Mass. 

 The music ministry has practice  once per week however attendance is not mandatory except for holiday preparation. 

There is also a Funeral Choir used for our funeral masses which occur.  Those who wish to sing at funeral Masses and are available on weekday mornings are encouraged to join the Funeral Choir.


Instrumentalists, under the direction of the music minister, accompany or lead the congregation in song at Masses and other liturgical celebrations.  Musicians must be able to read music, play from chord indications, or play well by ear and must attend choir rehearsals.

If you are interested in participating in any aspect of the music ministry, please contact our Music Director:  Carl Lee (440) 320-9138.

Welcome to Sacred Heart in Oberlin, Oh

jesus3 On the weekend of September 10/11 our parish was introduced to the Grateful Giving Program.  Over a three week period two of our parishioners and I have asked all of us to reflect on how God has blessed us in life and to consider how we are showing our gratitude to the Lord and those who do his work.  One day God will require an accounting for the use that each of us has made of the goods that have been entrusted to us.  He will judge us on what we have done with what we were given, that is, what kind of steward we were.  Good stewards know that the gifts God has given them are to be used to meet not just their own needs but the needs of their brothers and sisters.  For stewardship to be more than a single act of generosity, it must have two characteristics.  1) It must be planned.  While the financial aspect of stewardship is the most obvious, planning how to give one’s time and talents is just as important. 2) It must be sacrificial. 

It’s not enough to give out of our excess.  We have to give in a way that costs.  It must be a “felt gift”.  That’s why true stewardship is a form of spirituality.  It’s a way of life based on an attitude of gratitude to God, which shows itself in tangible ways in one’s life. 

Everyone in the parish is being asked to consider an increase in what they are currently contributing in our offertory collection.  Such a collective increase will put us in better financial standing, enabling us to better support our present organizations and ministries, especially those that assist those who are in need.

I do ask everyone to give prayerful consideration to this request and to respond in as generous a way as you can.

Fr. Cole

Coming Attractions

Pligrimage to Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine - Oct. 8th

All people of the Diocese of Cleveland are invited to this one-day pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.  At the heart of this pilgrimage will be people with disabilities and their families and friends, as we pray for a more inclusive Church. See this flyer for more details.

Women's Renewal - Oct 22, 23

This is a weekend designed for women of all ages.  It will be held at St. Joseph's parish from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.  Applications are available at the parish office. Please call Deacon Tom 440-655-0647 if you have questions. Click here if you want more information





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Office Hours PDF Print E-mail

Telephone Numbers

    Rectory -   Phone - 440-774-6791

                      FAX - 440-775-1306

Office Hours  

    Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday - 9:00AM - 3:00PM

    Friday - 9:00AM - 12 Noon

    Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday - The office is closed



Mass Schedule

Weekend Masses

 Saturday 5:00 PM -Sunday Vigil

Sunday - 10:00 AM


Monday 8:30 AM*

Tuesday 8:30 AM

Wednesday 7:00 AM

Thursday - No Mass

Friday 8:30 AM**

Saturday - No morning Mass

* NOTE: On the 1st Monday of each month, the morning Mass is at 10:30 AM at Welcome Nursing Home, 417 South Main St.

** NOTE: On the 3rd Friday of each month, the morning Mass is at 10:00 AM at Kendal at Oberlin, 600 Kendal Dr.

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